Frankenstein As A Villain Analysis

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Philip Pullman’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’, reveals that Dr. Frankenstein is somewhat a true monster. Dr. Frankenstein shows this through his neglect of his responsibilities and creation. We also see this through the way that the Monster is unfairly treated by the community, as a result of Dr. Frankenstein’s physical shaping of the Monster. However, despite his villain-like actions, he does demonstrate good intentions for the Monster.

Pullman’s play indicates that Frankenstein is an authentic villain because he abandons his duties as the Monster’s mentor and his creation himself. As soon as Frankenstein sets eyes on the Monster, he turns away in “horror”, wanting to get rid of it. The Monster is only responding in a wicked way due to the unfair
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Frankenstein shows his evil side by causing people to fear the Monster. The Monster’s appearance is entirely the fault of Frankenstein, whether he wants him to look the way he does or not. As a result, the Monster has to face the consequences. He is “shot”, looked at in “disgust”, and “turned away [from]”. The Monster later on confronts Frankenstein, during Act Three, and he then begins to understand how “cruel” he is. He left the Monster to find his way with a blinding image of ugliness, through the perception of the villagers. Dr Frankenstein is the true Monster in Pullman’s play, as he is the person responsible for the Monster’s image, leaving him to act as an object of ridicule.

However, Dr. Frankenstein does show healthy intentions to be good through his creation. In the beginning, Frankenstein puts an effort into creating something amazing that everyone will “love”. Dr. Frankenstein reveals his intentions for the Monster to be “better than human” and “...[demonstrate] what humanity might be”. This reveals that he wanted to do good things for the community in the Monster’s name. Dr. Frankenstein demonstrates a form of goodwill. Therefore he should not entirely be classified as a

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