Frank By Frank D. Frank Essay

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When Frank tells the story on how he decided to have a dozen kids.
Frank tells the story on how he decided to have a dozen kids. The story starts off when Frank and Lillie get married. They board a train after the ceremony, Lillie was acting blasé as if she was already married for many years she would have played it off if Frank didn’t say “Good Lord, woman, why didn’t you tell me your hair was red?” Frank apologized after saying he was just proud that Lillie is my wife. They started talking about how they are going to have a wonderful life. Both Frank and Lillie wanted kids Lillie wanted kid everywhere, so they decided to have at least a dozen kids.
Frank got the kids a Rena
Frank had acquired a boat (which was called the Rena) for the kids for learning to swim. Before anyone was able to get on the Rena, Frank gave everyone a series of lectures about navigation, tides, the magnetic compass, seamanship, rope-splicing, right of way, and nautical terminol. After that Frank had them do a series or dry runs he would tell them what to and imagine himself in a tricky harbor. After they will sit in a line and pretend they were holding down the windward rail. Frank would rub imaginary spray out of his eyes and scan the horizon for possible sperm whales, Flying Dutchmen, or floating ambergris.
Lillie takes family to go see her parents
The Unites States entered World War, Frank sent a telegram to the president, Woodrow Wilson saying that he is coming and if he doesn’t know how to use…

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