Francis Is A Four Year Old Boy Essay

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Case Study Françis is a four year-old boy. When he was a baby, he almost never stopped crying and rarely found comfort in his parents’ arms. His parents reported that he had been slow to reach age appropriate milestones (e.g., speaking his first words by 12 months and using at least two word phrases by 15 months) but they had always assumed that he was just shy or a late-bloomer. Instead, Françis seemed to take little interest in talking and preferred to be in his own world. When he did speak, the words he used often did not have the same meanings that he meant them to, making the listener have to figure out exactly what Françis wanted. When others would talk it became apparent that he seemed to rarely listen to what they were saying. He refused to look at family members, family friends, children his own age, and especially strangers in the eyes; if someone initiated eye contact, he would immediately look away.
To pass the time, Françis’ favorite activity seemed to be to sit on the floor in his room and interact with all of his toys that had the ability to spin steadily. Hoping to help him interact with the rest of the family, Françis’ parents started scheduling dinner at 6pm every single night to encourage socializing with them and his older and younger sisters; despite this, Françis’ kept his head low during dinner and would often imitate any offhand sounds made by someone while making small balls of food and placing them around his plate until it was taken away. During…

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