Foxconn Technology Group - the Suicides Incidents Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Foxconn Technology Group is a multinational company for electronics manufacturing where the company headquarter is located in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. During the thirty years of development, the Foxconn scope of product has expanded and has formed series of electronic products manufacturing such as Card Readers Graphics Cards, LCD Monitors, and Power Supplies. They have become one of the largest electronic contract manufacturers working with many technology companies around the world. Even though Foxconn is one of the largest manufacturers, they are not really well-known as its size. However, in the recent years, the name of company became more aware of due to their issues on labour practices. This aspect of the
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They also claim that they look to start producing their own line of consumer products with their own brand.

3.0 Summary of the Issues
Despite the success of Foxconn has, being one of the largest contract manufacturer that many big technology companies partners with, they have been hit with series of issues over the recent years. There have been reports since the last decade on Foxconn’s practice but it has caught more attention from 2010 due to their connection to the big names, starting with suicide reports. Since then, Foxconn has been put under investigation pulling along their partner, most notably Apple Inc. (Perlin, 2013)
The issue about the Foxconn is on the working condition they provided to their workers, especially in China. It is reported that many of the employees has been living in overcrowded dormitories. Some are in need of more overtime working where it exceeds the regulation set by the policy makers as how much they get paid is not enough for their basic needs. (Facing Finance, 2014). Not only overtimes are forced and people are underpaid, the working environment is not ideal also. The managers are abusive, workers getting punished at slight mistakes or not meeting productions goals. The punishment ranges from losing breaks and skipping meals, even humiliation. During the course of 2010,

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