Four Types Of Long Term Memory

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Types of Long Term Memory.
Through the researching process, psychologists define there are four types of long term memory which are divided into two main groups: Explicit and implicit. Explicit memory can be explained as aware memories, something that we have been experienced and stored in our memory consciously. On the other hand, the information like how to do tasks, knowledge, or feeling about some certain things is called implicit memory.
In “explicit memory,” there are two major types: episodic memory and semantic memory. Basically, episodic memory can be understood as remembering memory. Episodic memory is specifically built up in individual‘s living. Those are memories of many events happened in people’ lives and are automatically stored
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In other words, semantic memory is kind of information about the truth, about anything which are common knowledges. Compare with episodic memory, semantic memory is not an unique one. Many people can have the same semantic memory about something that they know no matter how or when.
In “implicit memory,” there are also two types: procedure memory and unemotional memory.
Procedural memory is a really big part in people’s memory. In fact, it is not a really memory because the informations stored in procedural memory are people’s procedures of doing task in their lives; it is like a control center for most of daily activities, shows how to do tasks like driving, cooking, playing sport. Most of people keep doing those thing but never have a thought about them because this kind of memory is formed through the living process, they almost like our essential skills.
Another type of memory belongs to " implicit memory" is emotional memory. A good explanation for this thing is when somebody have so strong feelings about some experiences they have been through,so the sensations attach with that events and ,together, they are written into our brain. This memory is triggered when some emotions show up and it reminds people of something happened in the
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