Founding Generations: Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

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“All the vanguard members of the revolutionary generation developed a keen sense of their historical significance while they were still making history on which their reputations would rest” (Ellis 18). Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation is a historical non-fiction novel written by the accredited historian Joseph J. Ellis. Founding Brothers is about the founding fathers of the United States (Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Washington, and Adams) and how they formed the new nation. Together, the seven men went through many trials and periods of triumphs as they struggled to create a foundation for the new nation. Founding Brothers focuses on our founding fathers and how their relationships with one another affected the shaping of the young United States. …show more content…
Ellis was born on July 18th, 1943 in Washington, D.C. From an early age, he was influenced by the political history that surrounded him in the nation’s capital. Ellis’ upbringing in such a historical city drove him to attend the College of William and Mary, the second oldest college in the nation. Ellis received his B.A. from the College of William and Mary and then continued his education at Yale University. Ellis earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from Yale and went on to become a professor of history at prestigious universities such as the Honors College at the University of Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke College, and the United States Military Academy at West Point. His strong background and clear love for history led him to become one of the most prominent scholars of American history. Ellis wrote Founding Brothers after completing biographies on several dominant figures in early American history, including John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. In Founding Brothers, Ellis strives to analyze both the brilliance and the flaws of the founding fathers, and how their interactions with each other influenced the unstable time period after the Revolutionary

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