The Two Parables In Mark 12: 1-12

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The second foundational difference between the two parables is the audience for whom they were written. Mark 12:1-12 was written for the early Christian church. It, along with the rest of the gospel, proclaims the gospel of Christ and teaches that the old ways of redemption are no longer; Jesus, the son, and the church body are the means of reaching God. In Mark 12:1-12 the tenants are unable to give the fruit directly to God. The fruit must be delivered by servants and when the servants are unsuccessful, the son. Mark says that this new way of reaching God will work, the people just have to accept the son. The parable itself, as told by Jesus within the story of Mark, is directed at the pharisees. The parable is told immediately after Jesus …show more content…
In the Christian tradition Jesus is the son of God and the mediator between the people and God. In Jewish tradition they are all sons and daughters of God and that there is no one particular son of God. In the parable in Mark, the son comes to mediate between the tenants and the owner because the servants, or the prophets, have failed. The tenants then kill the son so that the inheritance will be there’s. However in the end the inheritance is still not the tenants even though they murdered the son.Since the tenants are paralleled to the Jewish people and the son is paralleled to Jesus, Mark is saying that the Jews killed Jesus, which is just completely historically inaccurate. This addition of the Jews killing Jesus is further evidence of the effect that the church had on the parable in Mark. Although the parable comes from the mouth of Jesus, Jesus predicts his own death at the hands of the Jews and the handing over of the relationship with God to the Christians. None of this would have happened or have been predictable at the time Jesus would have been giving the parable. Therefore, this is further evidence that the parable was written by someone within the church. Having the Jews kill Jesus in the parable shows the anti-Jewish thoughts that were already a foundational part of the church. Not only does the death of Jesus at the hands of the Jews show pre-existing anti-Jewish thought, but it also goes to further that anti-Jewish mentality within the church. This mentality has played a major role in the persecution of the Jewish people for

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