Foucault 's View Of History Essay

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The following is an examination of prompt one of the week five Justice Theory essay assignment. Accordingly, it presents analysis relating to the French theorist, Michel Foucault, as well as the German theorist, Karl Marx. Moreover, the emphasis of this paper is on the four areas defined in the inquiry, relating to Foucault’s conception of history. First, this paper explains Foucault’s notion of how discourse shapes history. Secondly, it deciphers Foucault’s proposition for studying history using the micro-analysis method of genealogy, which evaluates discourse in the past as a means to discount the present (Jurik, 2016a, p.7). Third, this reflection introduces an example of Foucault’s approach to historical analysis through exploring his study of punishment. Finally, it compares and contrasts the genealogical conception of Foucault to the linear historical perspective of Marx.
Foucault’s View of History
To begin, Foucault opposes the theory that human nature is inherently universal. That is to say, he rejects the study of human nature in terms of generalization, as he believes that human nature develops through learned behavior due to institutional transformations over time (Jurik, 2016a, p.7). Accordingly, he does not subscribe to the idea that the primitive disposition of humanity embodies traits of reason, comprehensive language, or rational behavior. Moreover, Foucault dismisses theorizing in generalities as he believes this approach to scrutinizing the past…

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