Foucault 's Statement On Power Essay examples

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Foucault’s statement on power can be understood as an interchangeable relationship depending on the context of the situation. Foucault’s views on politics, power and government can be used to better understand the funding and regulation aspect of education. Power is present in all interactions and can be used to explain contests between various key players, like the government, teachers and students.
In the case of “Australia education fails, one in four young people-but not the wealthy ones”, Foucault’s view that power which is exercised as a power relation is useful to understand in this context. The traditional belief of power as “being held by a dominant group” (Gauntlett, D. ‘Foucault on Power’,p129,2008) emphasizes exploitation. In this article, students have unequal access to education resources, which “challenging Australia’s claim of a fair education system”. (Stephen Lamb, “The Conversation: Australian education fails one in four young people-but not the wealthy ones” ,26 October 2015) Wealthier students are the dominant group and the ability to do well stems from money. Foucault’s view that unequal access to power proves true here that different groups depends on the general social background. However, in the near future, perhaps due to an uprising of the coalition government, there may be an increase in demand for labor. There may be an increase in promotion for quality public education and less inequality within the education system. This proves that as contexts…

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