Herman And Chomsky Analysis

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Hoai Thuong Thi Nguyen
Professor Hans Klein
PHIL 3127
December 11, 2015
Plato, Herman And Chomsky About Democracy Leadership is very important in a country because it has the capacity to take it to the next level of success and even lead the people during times of war into fighting successful battles that ends in victory. The philosophers like Herman and Chomsky and Plato however had different views on how the people should be governed. The different types of governments are very important to be understood so that every person who wants to understand why his government is not functioning properly can do so through the lens of the philosophers. Herman and Chomsky states that there are reasons why the government of the day may resort
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The leaders usually abuse the powers and privileges given to them and thus according to him, democracy is undesirable in many ways. He explains that many democracies seem to function well but in the real sense the people are being deceived in several ways that there is always the need to be skeptic and evaluate the government of the day in a more subjective manner. These are very important aspects of democracy because if there is a check and balance system which is often provided by the media, then democracy would function well (Heidegger, 2002). Herman and Chomsky explain that the media should be used to check the government of the day that is owned by the powerful people in the government. This leads to news being tilted towards the view that the government is good and when the government has done something wrong, it is not relayed to the people for fear of an …show more content…
The process of making sure that leaders who gets into the helm of power are those of high integrity is very important for it is gives a glimpse of what the people’s lives would look like when they are being ruled. It is against this backdrop that leaders should be properly vetted before they ascend to power because they can turn their followers into sycophants and the media as a major tool of propaganda. The dialogue on democracy and other types of leadership structures are very important as they help in achieving the gains for a better future and a government for the

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