Essay on Forrest Gump : A Simple Life

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Forrest Gump: A Simple Life, An Exceptional Movie The movie Forrest Gump is the story of a simple, good man surviving during a complicated time. Forrest, played by actor Tom Hanks, narrates his life through love and loss, happiness and sadness, and heroism. “Forrest Gump” is an ambitious movie that presents events over the course of American history through the eyes and life of a mildly hindered man. It is a straightforward sequence of historical events told in film. “Forrest Gump” provides a breathtaking, extraordinary, reflective view of the world and life through the characters, plot, and perceptions of reality in a unique movie that absolutely merits viewing. In watching “Forrest Gump,” the characters are especially important to the movie. Forrest Gump is, of course, the main character, and narrator, of the movie. Forrest is an unassuming, ethical man with a low IQ, who regards every person with respect. He expresses honor and integrity throughout his life and abundant loyalty to family, friends, and obligations. Forrest conquers frequent complications throughout his life, yet eternally finds the positive, optimistic aspect of every situation.
In regard to the characters, the two significant women in Forrest’s life are Jenny Curran and Mrs. Gump. Jenny is Forrest’s first friend and the love of his life. She was abused in childhood, which influences her partaking in countless self-destructive situations. However, Jenny always has an immense affection for Forrest. Mrs.…

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