Forms Of Government In Aristotle's Democracy And Oligarchy

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Aristotle in Democracy and Oligarchy describes several different forms of government. Several of the forms of government he describes are different types of democracy. Aristotle’s description of democracy has several differences from the idea that the founders of the United States had when they wrote The Constitution of the United States of America, but yet he also predicts the type of government the Constitution would create. The main type of democracy that Aristotle says exists differs in some ideas starkly from the ideas of the Constitution. Democracy, according to Aristotle, isn’t the system of government in which the majority rule, democracy is the type of government in which the free people of the nation are the ones that control it. …show more content…
He says that every nation faces different circumstances and different ideas about who should vote and this will affect the type of democracy that is in the nation. He describes five different ways that democracy can be interpreted. Democracy can be when everyone is equal regardless of their wealth, when the magistrates have to have a low property qualification, when every citizen who is not disqualified to vote can take part in government, when everyone has a share in the government and the law reigns supreme, or when the mass has power over law. He even describes what his view of a constitutional democracy is. He says that a constitutional democracy is a blend of oligarchy and democracy. Constitutional democracy is part democracy since everyone who is not disqualified to vote can take part in government and is part oligarchy since the rulers of the United States would be the elites who make up a small percentage of the population of the United States. The elites want the common masses to believe that they have a say in the government so they say it is a democracy, yet they want to keep the power contained within their ranks.
The type of democracy that is put in place under the Constitution is different from the type of democracy that Aristotle talks about. Aristotle talks

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