Formative Events During The Period Of The United States Essay

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Formative Events in United States History During the formative period of American history, there are three large events that stand out in comparison to the rest in the way they affected the nation as a whole. Without the revolution, America would not have begun. Without the expansion to the west, the United States would not be the large size that it is today, and would not be able to have such a large and growing population. Finally, without the Civil War, the nation may still have slavery as a legal form of free labor, which would greatly change the way the United States is seen as “the home of the free.” These three events during the formative period of the United States shaped the nation to be what it is today, and without them, the country would be a completely different place to live. The first large event that shaped the United States to be how it is today is the American Revolution. Without the revolution, the colonies would still be a part of Great Britain, and there would be no United States. The colonists did not agree with the passing of laws that affected them without them having a say in the political side of those decisions, or “taxation without representation,” which began the upset. The protesting of the laws led to protests of the people’s rights, which made many of the colonists think about separation from Great Britain. Many colonies began writing their own constitutions, and in cases like Massachusetts, the people rejected them until they had a Bill of…

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