Perfect Peace By Daniel Black Analysis

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Perfect Peace Book Review In the book Perfect Peace, Daniel Black uses gender roles, sexuality, abuse, Hatred, revenge, guilt and jealousy, to tamper with the hearts of the readers. When the readers come across these factors his/her judgement becomes clouded while looking for a theme. Well, Daniel Black did not fool everyone with his emotional triggers. The most important lesson to learn from the ups and downs in the book, is forgiveness. All throughout the book, there is a constant need for forgiveness. As we first look at the cover, one could even say, the title hints at forgiveness. There is peace in forgiveness. Letting go of grudges and revenge provides peace in life. There are many more situations within the story, just crawling with evidence to support the need of forgiveness. Every other page in the book there is an antagonist offending a protagonist, later leading to regret or an apology. The initial sense of …show more content…
This is when the Peace family arrives at church and they were not allowed to go in. The church congregation wanted to stop the family and ask questions. The community was not accepting of what Emma Gena had done to her seventh child. The whole church congregation were starring and bad mothing Perfect/Paul. This is funny because the church is a place for healing and forgiveness. The place of healing and forgiveness was filled with people who were unforgiving. This was until Emma Jean sung Amazing grace. Is it a coincidence that Daniel Black pick this song? Amazing grace was written by a man who needed Gods forgiveness during a severe time of need.
This song was perfect giving the scenario. Both the church and Emma Jean were lacking forgiveness. When Emma Jean began singing, the whole church put aside all the talk about how she is crazy, they instantly forgave her. The song also made Emma Jean realize that if God and Gus can forgive her, what everybody thinks of her did not

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