Forgetting About The Past By Lee Rae Essay

1473 Words Mar 5th, 2015 null Page
Forgetting about the past is often a way for people to move on into the future. Erasure in life is something that many people will do in order to move forward but never really succeed in doing. In A Gesture Life, Chang-rae Lee’s character, Franklin “Doc” Hata, strives to cover up past events in his life through this process of abolishment of past events. He does this in the hopes of achieving a seemingly perfect lifestyle to the bystanders in his neighborhood. With this, Doc Hata builds a seemingly clean identity by neglecting the reality of his tragic past involving many of those he loved, and loses sight of who he really is as an individual. Many of those who lived in the same town as Doc Hata, only exposed to the outer shell of his impenetrable life, come to know him as the kind, gentle Asian figure in society. They did not know of his troubled experiences. The chilling events leading up to K’s murder, the abortion he performs on his own daughter’s child, and his one failed romantic relationship with Mary Burns are all events he tries to mentally removes from his life. Throughout A Gesture Life, Doc Hata seems to live a life of concealment and tries to build an identity off the erasure of traumatic events and dampening feelings of his past but inevitably carries the baggage of these tragedies his entire life. The novel A Gesture Life has a reoccurring theme of erasure that is evident throughout much of the novel. Doc Hata often finds comfort in the idea of living…

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