Forest Conservation Letter

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Dear Mr. or Mrs. Future President,
I am well invested in this topic because I am an AP Environmental Science student who has just learned about the major problems in our would in regards to using our recourses especially those that we are consuming quicker than they replenish. I am concerned for the future of the world therefore I am writing this to help as much as I can to restore the world to what it once was as well as help in conserving our resources. That is why I inform you that maintaining forests to ensure they can carry out their various functions is vital for all life on Earth, and with the rate we are heading right now we are destroying them quicker than they can be renewed, proving that if we don’t take significant action to save
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As the population continues to grow the more resources are needed from forests such as paper or wood to build structures or other goods. The more the population grows the more trees that are needed to be consumed by people for goods or land, but also the more forests that is needed by humans for clean air or other services previously stated that the forests provide. Because population control is not quite an option for a solution, a different solution can include reforestation as well as forms of planned cutting. Reforestation is the replanting trees in the area of where trees were chopped down or even just planting more trees in certain areas to create new forests to rebalance the Earth like it was before urban development. Regulated and Planned Cutting of trees have many different forms a few example include: clear cutting- cutting sections of trees where that species of tree is very common, Selective cutting-cutting the old and mature trees, and Shelter wood cutting- cutting the worst trees then the avg. then the best trees These should all use a time gap between cuts and a rotation is needed when cutting them …show more content…
Many different human interactions such as implementing invasive species, pollution, and even hunting has increased the amount of species becoming extinct. This is a major problem because as species become extinct there is no other species to fill the role of the species that became extinct in the food chains or food webs. However, there are several ways to fix the problem of species becoming extinct. One way is to preserve and maintain the forest habitats rather than destroy them. Another solution would be eliminating or preventing invasive species by having stricter and more enforced rules on transporting and species of animals or plant. Finally, a third solution would be to preserve the endangered species at zoos to try and eventually repopulate the original habitat where the species

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