Forensic Scientist And Crime Scene Investigators Essay examples

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Television has produced numerous shows that do not paint a clear or accurate picture of what a
Forensic Scientist job entails. Criminal shows exaggerate the techniques and fail to note the importance of the abilities of Forensic Scientist and Crime Scene Investigators. A reported 100 million people watch criminal television shows weekly, who form a perception often skewed and fictional in regarding the real world of Forensics. Sorenson Forensics Executive
Director Tim Kupferschmid stated, “We don’t go driving around in new Hummers and cruise the beaches
In Miami.” (Kupferschmid 2011) Another myth that I personally found interesting is the belief that
Forensic scientists interrogate the witnesses. This is very rare. Instead the forensic scientists are at the
Scene collecting evidence or in the lab processing and examining evidence. Yet, the most common misconception of the job is that all crime scenes are homicides. Statistics show in 2005 that 60% are natural causes, 36% are accidental, 10% are suicide, only 2% are homicides and 1.5 % are undetermined.
(NIJ 2008) Popularity of criminal television shows would not be as appealing if every episode fell into the natural causes of death. These shows portray homicide at exaggerated numbers. Television “homicide” shows predominately have the same story line; murder, crime scene with lots of evidence, attractive investigator, evidence that always leads to the arrest of the suspect, and a new story line…

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