Forelimbs Essay

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Jason Ramdat, Lab Essay #2, Lab Code 1B, 12/8/14 Vertebrates’ forelimbs are anterior appendages of animals that are in the subphylum vertebrata. There are several bones that makes up a forelimb includes the radius, ulna, humerus, carpal, metacarpals, and phalanges. The humerus is a single heavy bone which articulates with the body and forms the foundation of the limb; the radius and ulna are lighter and provides support in addition to a greater range of movement (AMNH Plaque). The carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges are farthest away from the body and consist of many smaller bones giving a great deal of flexibility for movement and food acquisition (AMNH Plaque). How the limbs evolved illustrates its considerable plasticity for adaption for flying, swimming, grasping, and locomotion (AMNH Plaque). …show more content…
Their main function for forelimbs is for locomotion. While their other functions includes defense and hunting. They are digitigrade; walking on their toes (Fox 2014).Their paws contain retractable claws (Birch et al 2014). Cats walk and run by moving two legs on a single side of the body before moving the legs on the other side, only giraffe and camel have similar locomotion (Fox2014). The forelimb is connected to the shoulder by the clavicle bones (Gills 2012). It is designed for power, acceleration, and speed (Palmer et al,2008).Cats can jump five times their own height and capable of slipping into narrow spaces because of the lack of collar bone and their scapulae lie medially on their body(Birch et al 2014) They have all five phalanges and metacarpals. Their family represents some of the most highly evolved predators (Palmer et al,

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