Essay on Foreign Diplomacy Is The Field Of Politics

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Foreign diplomacy is the field of politics that dominates any government’s major decisions. Through effective foreign policy a country can improve their standing and effectiveness in international affairs Historical foreign policy has always been the same–and despite not wanting to enter the Great War in 1914, Britain’s foreign policy was the mistake that led them into becoming deeply entrenched in the First World War. This policy included over-extensive foreign intervention, militarism, and brinksmanship diplomacy. These same mistakes are being made by the United States in the current South China Sea dispute, and may have similarly disastrous consequences.
Rampant foreign interventionism was Britain’s first mistake on their road to involvement in the first world war. In China, they overextended their stay and acted punitively and brutally towards the Chinese, increasing tensions with their foreign subjects and other European powers. This is evident in the Seymour and Gaselee Expeditions in June and August 1900. These expeditions were military incursions into Beijing with the plan to halt Boxer violence against Westerners in China; both led and managed by British leadership. However, a year after the boxers had been defeated with massive military force, the nations of the coalition still occupied Beijing– with Germany and Britain occupying the largest districts of the city. Their actions in China were intended as a measure to protect their interests, but it soon grew…

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