Ford vs Firestone Reaction Paper

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Firestone vs. Ford: An Epic Public Relations Battle

In every business, maintaining good public relations with the consumer is crucial. What is public relation? Public relation is the business of inducing the public to have understanding for the goodwill toward a person, firm, or institution and also the degree of understanding and achieved. According to some entrepreneur, public relation is the opposite of advertising wherein advertising, you will have to bring out a large amount of money from your wallet in order to endorse whatever product you wanted to be known to the public using Television, radio, billboards and the like. In public relation, you may say that it is better because publicity is remembered longer by the consumers more
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In the meantime, Firestone received a pile of problems thrown by the investigators because of their irresponsible responses like not giving a public statement of their parent company regarding the issue, absence of their senior manager and also that it is proven that there were already complaints about their tires getting peeled in the past. Another thing is that they tried to put the blame to their consumers for being irresponsible in picking the roads that they drive though it is their responsibility to make the tires good enough for the safety of their customers. This is a big mistake of Firestone because doing so means that they are not valuing their customers and could start their downfall because of poor relationship with them.

Even though there are evidences of defective tires from Firestone, many customers still believed that Firestone has nothing to do with the accidents and it is the fault of Ford and refuse to replace the tires of their vehicles. This is one proof that Firestone had built a strong customer-seller relationship in the past because customers based their trust on their experience of the product.

Firestone had to deal with different public relation problems and do their best to give solution or compensation to their complainants and redeem itself because if not, their 100-year old brand might disappear forever. While

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