Ford Motor Company Essay

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This paper is about Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company has managed to stay ahead of their competitors, GM and Chrysler. In spite of the hike in the gas prices, the slump in the economy, and the housing fiasco, they have managed to survive in this tough economy. The strategies Ford Motor Company uses to conduct business consist of consumer focus, creativity, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurial spirit. Ford Motor Company is a leader in environmental responsibility and they strive to make a positive contribution to society ( 2010). Ford Motor Company strives to improve in everything it does, which in turn provides superior returns to stakeholders. Ford Motor Company research and technology goes behind every single
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Early adopters like the product and more consumers start buying it and maturity at some point, the rate of sales growth slows, and the product enter a stage of relative maturity, which normally last longer than the previous stages and poses formidable marketing challenges” (pg. 185). Majority of Ford’s vehicles are in the decline stage and introduction stage, with the exception of their hybrid vehicles, which are in the growth stage and Ford’s F-150 is in the maturity stages and is growing as the number one truck in the United States.
Some of Ford’s product is in the decline stage of their product life cycles, because the company had a difficult month in June, 2009 and the company saw its sales decline 11% from a year earlier. Ford's sales were down 24 percent in May and 37 percent for the first five months of the year. Due to both the economy and financial crisis, credit availability has contributed to drastic decline in vehicle sales. Over 60% of banks have tightened standards for consumer credit, making it very difficult for consumers to secure loans (Bunkley, 2009). Ford’s F-150 is in the maturity stage and steady growing.
Ford is revamping their marketing strategy by adding value to their existing vehicles and increasing consumers’ knowledge of their new vehicles. Ford is particularly focused on improving consumers' awareness of the Company's excellent quality, fuel efficiency, safety and

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