Ford Motor Company Essay

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“Ford Motor Company”
Barbara Wilson
Professor Andrea Dennis
Business 302
February 7, 2011 Discuss at least three criteria the company should use to decide which of the four listed options is best and the reasons why each criterion should be used. “Steps to Rational Decision Making” Define the problems: Ford Motor has been losing money for years, particularly in its North American operations. Option one is to close down older plants in an effort to realign production and sales. The best criteria decision to use should be “Steps to Rational Decision Making”. The first step in decision making is to identify and define the problem. Identify Decision Criteria are the standards used to guide judgments and decisions. Weight the
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This can be applied to the second option, would be to move the company to produce smaller cars. That can be a workable plan to slow down an assembly line. Workers remained in place performing the same job on automobile for smaller cars only. Instead, have a big marketing campaign; reduce prices on over stock SUVs and trucks lines. If the market should pick up for new trucks or SUV take pre-ordered for a while until the economy stabilizes. Also, as mentioned in the case study it has the advantage of getting back to Henry Ford’s vision for the company as well as dealing quickly with products that are simply not selling in today’s expensive gas environment. This way, it freed up some more fund form the over stocked vehicles to put in reserved.
Discuss how an effective action plan can be created and how progress can be monitored.
Third option must be sure when taking the dramatic step of reducing your North American company to international markets. After identifying and weighting the criteria that will guide the decision-making, then your action steps.
The North American office has an Action Plan in place and is working forward for the next year. Therefore, their presence will remain the same. Now, the company focus is on monitoring the international markets where Ford has been very successful. The company will use “Effective Action Plan” to monitor progress.
Planning starts from top to bottom within an organization. To develop an effective action plan is

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