Force And Static Equilibrium Theory Essay

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The research is to be made on the most important concepts of the civil engineering which are force and static equilibrium. These concepts are very important for the engineering point of view. The force can be considered as the element which moves or tries to move and stops or tries to stop the body in motion. So whenever there is a force applied on an object it changes its inertia and causes to changes its state of rest or motion.
The structures should be in equilibrium before and even after the application of the force.
So the two important things in the civil engineering are the force and equilibrium. Thus the force when applied to an object it may changes its equilibrium so there should be some knowledge about these two concepts of the engineering.
The force may be different or similar and its effect is also different in different situation.
The equilibrium may be of different types and also there are conditions for equilibrium.
All these concepts should be known for an engineering perspective. The equilibrium should be defined as the condition of rest or uniform motion under the application of force is known as the equilibrium of forces.
Reason for Paper
The purpose of selecting this topic is to understand and get the clear knowledge of the basic concept of the equilibrium of the force as structure and building are subject to number of forces. When the force is applied to a structure there may be moment

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