For Better Or For Worse? Essay

1678 Words May 1st, 2016 null Page
For Better or For Worse? Love, love, love, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. This same ideology can easily be applied to marriage in today 's world. Why do people get married today? Financial benefits? Health Benefits? Peer Pressure? Or do people simply get married due to the fact that no one wants to die alone? In the past, there may have been a plethora of reasons for someone to get married, but in today’s society those reasons are nearly nonexistent. While many still believe that marriage is a good idea, I do not as it does not truly bring all the benefits and happiness one may think.

Is Marriage really that Secure? Security seems to be a major reason as to why people get married in today 's generation. Yet California alone holds a divorce rate of about 60 percent, while the rest of the nation holds a divorce rate of 50 percent (Marriage and Divorce). Regardless of this statistic marriage continues to make its presence known in society today. Yet a numerous amount of side effects and results shall come from a divorce. Depression often looms over many divorcees simply due to the fact that they have lost their spouse. Divorce is especially hard when the couple has had children in their lives. Children will often make getting divorce harder and may even prevent it which in the end will just keep an unhappy couple married. Why would a couple even put themselves in the position of getting a divorce by getting married if the divorce itself holds so many…

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