The Purpose Of Marriage In Albanian Culture

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In Albanian culture the main purpose of marriage is to find someone that is considered respectable throughout the community you associate with (family, close friends) and someone that is able to take care of you. In Albanian culture it is beneficial to marry someone who is successful and hardworking so that type of mentality transfers into the marriage. People see marriage a big part of someone having a successful life. If you do not ever get married then you can not continue your family 's legacy which is a very big deal and is why Albanian families are very big.
The biggest motive and benefit in marriage in Indian culture is finding a partner that you can find happiness and grow with. It is important through the views of your family that
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There isn’t really a main purpose to it, other than providing a better environment for children if you decide to have them. There is one thing that is beneficial to some people, which is the tax laws in Germany. There are advantages to being married that can help with getting out of some of their rather egregious taxes.
People in Vietnam get married in order to establish a family. Couples who live together in Vietnam who are not married are looked down upon. Something that is unique about Vietnamese people is that they often marry people outside of their culture, more so than most other
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Like most other cultures, one benefit of marriage in this culture is tax breaks. In most cultures today, there are several motives to get married, such as financial security, emotional support, . This seems to be the case in most cultures today, including the Chaldean and Muslim cultures. According to a survey conducted by a Chaldean participant, they do find marriage necessary for a meaningful life. This could be because they put great importance on carrying on the family name. As a Chaldean-American, I can stand by the statement that family is a very important group in our culture. In the Muslim culture, the purpose of marriage is to carry on the religion through the creation of a family. Throughout the Mexican, Greek, and Spanish cultures, the motives for marriage seem to be quite similar. To start, seven out of the nine people interviewed agreed that the main motive for marriage is love. Two people believed that marriage is motivated by forming a family. One person of the Mexican culture surveyed believed that societal norms push people to marry and a person from the Spanish culture leaned towards loneliness and companionship as reasons to

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