Essay on Footballers Are Not Overpaid

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Footballers are not overpaid

Footballers…overpaid? Nonsense. People may try to argue otherwise, but in the end there is no question about it. These skilled, hard-working, hard-training players who use their talent and skill to entertain millions of people every year deserve to be paid amply.
Daily life- what does it revolve around? Money, money and yet more money. But where does this come from? Our economy, fed by the taxes of people like you and me, as well as the football players. How much tax do you expect to pay in a year? £15,000, £20,000, maybe less. Normally, the football clubs would keep this money, using it to make transfers or improve facilities. However, if this money is used for player’s wages, 40% of the money is taken by
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No; if you haven’t noticed, all England players have vowed to give all of their wages to good causes for three years- that’s millions of pounds. If that isn’t generosity what is? It’s not just international teams either- even the mighty premier league power that is Arsenal have chipped in: all workers (players, cleaners, management staff) gave up all of their wages for a week to charities. Think back to salaries such as those of players like Yaya Toure, with squads containing up to 42 players, the true enormity of the money given is frankly mind blowing- they are providing more to charity than many of us earn in an entire lifetime!
Where does all of the money for these wages come from? The likes of you and I. But it’s not exactly daylight robbery. Unlike taxes, we aren’t forced to pay. With football being the single biggest sport in the world, surely the huge profits produced should go to the people who make the sport what it is: the players? Without them, this beautiful game would cease to exist- what would be the point? No talent. No entertainment. No sport. In football clubs that have become PLCs, shares would plummet and for their owners it could put them in large amounts of economic stress
So what’s the problem? Are they really overpaid? No. For the entertainment they provide and revenue they bring in both for their clubs and our economy there is no question about it. We have the unbelievable

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