Football Is Too Dangerous Of A Sport Essay

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The Withdraws of Football
The benefits that come from playing a sport like are astounding. The extra muscles, the increase in stamina and strength as well as the development of leadership and sportsmanship skills is enough to make any sports fan enjoy the physical activities. Yet with the rise in attention regarding the potential life threatening injuries most football players sustain from the play the field, it brings up the questions many sports fans, and concerned football moms, often ask themselves: is football too dangerous of a sport. With the evidence shown supporting the allegations of football being hazardous, it’s obvious that football is too dangerous to play. The social and physical positive aspects of playing football are truly excellent conveniences for every player that’s constantly out on the field; but those conveniences become invalid when you’re faced with the downsides. The rewards redeemed from football have little to no value when compared against the injuries that affect a player’s life when they’re on and off the field; including the effectiveness of current rules, and the absence of safer rules that have no influence on the prevention of injuries.
The most straight-forward confirmation that supports this claim is the injuries obtained from playing football. All sports come with some bruises from time to time. However, in the case of football, these bruises are too severe to simply ignore. The lack of rules is one of the many reasons these bruises…

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