Football Games : Football Game Essay

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Club football season is into its 10th week and fans are already on each other. Apart from the rivalries and derbies, the fantasy football is super exciting but football fans believe the fan base is 99% men but thank your stars am here to knock something into your head – ‘FOOTBALL IS FOR EVERYONE’.
I am an Arsenal fan and I’ve been waiting for this season with the hopes that Arsenal would win the league title for first time since the invincible. I spend most of my time watching Match day live, Fan zone, football today and of course football games.
However, over the years I have compiled five shits thrown at me every season from male football fans because they feel intimidated by my knowledge of football and they presume I am ‘faking’ it and pretending to know about football to get attention.
1. Anyone who has ever interacted with me for more than five minutes could kinda tell you that I have a love affair with football so when male friends introduce me to other guys and say ‘She’s loves football a lot for a girl’ instead of ‘She loves football’, it’s very condescending. What does gender have to do with this? Automatically presuming there’s no way in hell we both share the plethora of football knowledge. Being female has absolutely nothing to do with whether I can hold a football conversation for more than an hour.

2. You know that feeling every football fan has after their favourite club has just demolished a big rival during the weekend. You can’t wait to get to the…

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