Food Preparation For Family Reunion Dinner Essay

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Stir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs is one of my favorite dishes ever since I was little. It is a common dish in China, quick and easy to prepare, and popular among students.
-Adapting to cultural differences
-reminds me of my childhood
-recall my happy childhood memories
-food preparation

I grew up in a very traditional Chinese culture. Although I have been in America for ten years, it is still a challenge to adapt to cultural differences.

When I was in high school, I never eat lunch while I was in school. Most of the time I would starve and wait unless I got home.

During Chinese New Year, food preparation for family reunion dinner become one of the main topic for my family. We make offerings to the Buddha and deities.

When I was little, my parents prevented me from getting near the stove, but they allowed me to do simple tasks such as peeling, mixing, cutting, mincing, etc.

The things I eat on a daily basis in the morning is eggs, bread, pancakes, black rice milk, eight treasure congee, etc. I am very pleased with my food choices because my parents are familiar with my food preferences. Compared to other places people do not have a choice on what they want to eat so I always consider myself very fortunate.

I am very picky about food and I do not really like to try new foods but now and again I will try different foods but not regularly I do not like trying new food.

The person who is considerably a professional chef in my family is my dad, he knows how to…

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