Food Journal Essay

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Introduction Food Intake I was born to a father with the history of Diabetic mellitus and on my mother’s side; there is a history of High Blood Pressure. Although my father is not diabetic, my mother has been diagnosed with blood pressure. Blood pressure has been a steady disease in my household which has affected four out my five uncles. In 2010, after a seven year long battle with infertility, I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure which I was given medication for and shortly thereafter, I had a son after my aggressive treatment. Ever since, I have always link most diseases with food intake and I strongly believe that my nutrition and my health work hand in hand. According to Grodner, Roth &Walkingshaw (2012), …show more content…
I take a blood pressure medication and I have been advised by my doctor to reduce my sodium intake , I believe that it is the reason for the low sodium .
My recommended cholesterol intake is 300milligram and currently my intake is 50milligram . This is too low according to the super tracker . The recommended calcium intake is 1000milligram and my intake is 800milligram which is slightly lower compared to what was recommended by the super tracker. My protein intake is 60 grams and the recommended intake is 50grams.The recommended vitamin C is 78milligram and my intake is 55mg. It is recommended that vitamin D should be 15milligram and my intake is 1 and my intake for Iron is 20milligram while the recommended is 18milligram . My vitamin D intake is too low and it would be beneficial for my health. Researched by Janssen, Samson & Verhaar (2002), supported that, “Muscle weakness due to vitamin D deficiency is predominantly of the proximal muscle groups and is manifested by a feeling of heaviness in the legs, tiring easily, and difficulty in mounting stairs and rising from a chair; the deficiency is reversible with supplementation”
As stated in the above paragraph, my fat, cholesterol and sodium intake is low and as stated by Grodner,Roth &Walkingshaw (2012), diet that is low in fat is associated with a reduce risk of some cancers , diet with low cholesterol is known to reduce the risk of heart

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