Essay about Food Is A Fundamental Human Right

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Food is a fundamental human right, it is essential to our bodies for developing cells and tissues to protecting them against infections. It is just as fundamental that the public is aware of what foods they consume. In the past couple of decades, a rise of bio technology has revolutionized the agricultural industry, since then GMOs (genetically modified organisms) have been introduced that claim to be resistant to disease, help humans that are suffering from famine, produce greater yields, and improve the nutrition of foods. With advancements in genetic engineering, the knowledge of farmers and scientists combined have altered the way food is grown and created, however, increasing questions about the methods and possible risks/effects. Furthermore, the rapid increase of genetically modified foods can be found on a global scale, and it is only fair to the rest of the public that the government sets regulations surrounding new bio technology specifically GM foods to ensure our safety.

“Genetically modified foods” is used to describe foods produced from organisms that have altered DNA using the techniques of genetic engineering. Genes are the blueprints of life, as they determine an organism’s growth and size, as well as other characteristics. Genetic engineering allows scientists to isolate and transfer specific admirable genes to organisms in hopes of making it more beneficial. Like all powerful technology, regulations and inspections must be conducted. 64 countries…

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