Food From Sustainable And Local Farms Essays

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Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Much of it is made in large, industrial-type farms with the only goal being to make as much food in as little time as possible and as cheap as possible. This typically means cutting some corners on food quality and health. However, instead of buying food from these types of farms, many people are switching to a healthier alternative; food from sustainable and local farms. The foods produced at these farms are healthier and more fresh than the food produced at industrial farms. In an industrial setting, animals are treated in inhumane ways, plants are sprayed with harmful pesticides, and these farms can quickly become a problem to society. However, sustainable and local farms are the complete opposite. More people should shift to buying food from sustainable and local farms because it is beneficial for the environment, promotes healthy eating, and is economically rewarding as well.
Food from sustainable and local farms can help the environment in three different ways; it reduces manure pollution, cuts down on fossil fuel consumption, and protects biodiversity in the rainforest. In an industrial farm, with so many animals crammed into such a small space, manure can overpower the farm quickly. This manure is spread onto fields, but too much of it is used because of the over abundance of it. This overuse of manure leaks into waterways, strangling water systems and…

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