Food And Nutrition Services At Hospitals Essay

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Food and nutrition services in hospitals play an important role to ensure patent nutritional requirements are met for their recovery and the major influences on patient’s satisfaction during their hospitalization. In a study of patient in Swiss, it found the patients who have longer stay in a hospital are more likely to have greater dissatisfaction with the food (1). Another conventional foodservice system research also indicated the amount of food wastage increased by 14.1 % among patents who stayed longer in hospital (2). Therefore, malnutrition is commonly seen across the hospital settings, particularly in the population who stayed longer in hospital. According to the previous survey that undertaken by Peninsula Health in 2011, it indicated a malnutrition rate of 32.5% in the acute setting and overall the survey found 29.9% of patients to be malnourished in Peninsula health (3). The malnutrition has been recognized that impacts on morbidity and mortality across many patient groups and health settings (4). Thus, it is crucial for the food service in hospital to improve the food quality and service delivery to optimize patients’ nutritional status and reduce the prevalence of malnutrition. The recent research indicates improving food service quality can also influence incidence of complication, mortality rate, length of stay and patients’ satisfaction with their overall hospital experience (5).

This report aims to review in the areas of food service that have been…

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