Definition Section And Determining The Mission Of The US

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Part 1 Questions:

1. In addition to reading through the “Definition” section and completing the learning activity at the end, complete the following questions:

• Briefly explain what the FDA is, it’s mission, and how it achieves its mission.

FDA (U.S. Food & Drugs Administration): It is a federal administration which protects the safety and public health of the U.S. The mission of the FDA is to ensure the safety of every American family by ensuring the control and the potency of the products offered to the population, such as food supply, cosmetics, medical devices, medications, and others. Also, the goals are to provide obtainable and secured public health service to improve the health of the U.S population based on science/medicine knowledge. FDA establishes guidelines and laws to achieve its mission.

• After the passage of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in 1938, the role of
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• Explain why and how dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA differently from “drugs.”

Dietary supplements are compounds that add nutritional value to diet. It cannot be considered as a drug because it does not cure, treat or reduce illness. FDA have different regulations and the Supplement health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHE) which make manufacturer make sure the products are safe and correct labeled before they are in the market. Because the dietary supplements are not considering as drugs, the FDA’s center for food safety and applied nutrition (CFSAN).

• What is CDER and what are the responsibilities of this

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