Essay on Florence Nightingale : The Nursing Theorist

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Following Nightingale
We are all drawn to nursing by forces that we can’t see, but we feel them and are so compelled by their forces that we follow these feelings and become nurses. I feel that, spiritually, Florence Nightingale is the nursing theorist that I could compare myself to. Florence Nightingale was born in England in 1820 to two wealthy and well-connected parents. Her parents both came from Unitarian religious backgrounds, but because of her father’s association with the Church of England, Nightingale grew up with varied religious influences. Nightingale’s father believed in education and supervised it closely; she studied classical and modern languages, history, philosophy, and at twenty years old, she insisted that her father hire a mathematics tutor. Because of these influences, Maindonald and Richardson (2004) believed Florence Nightingale developed a strong sense of duty, freedom of thought, intellectual honesty, unconventional religious mysticism, and an attitude toward being unforgiving to her own faults and the faults of others. (Maindonald & Richardson, 2004)
Although Florence Nightingale never specifically defines clients, she emphasizes the impact of their health correlating with their environment similar to reflect a community health model. Nightingale felt that poorly constructed facilities where sick were kept contributed to stagnant air flow, and sickness would follow. She believed that if a sick person continuously breathed in the same stagnant air…

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