Essay on Florence Nightingale As A Leader

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To be a leader, a person has to have qualities that inspire other people, peers or not. Many attributes make a person worthy of emulation. However, it takes a blend of more than on single trait. One can lead people to be better at what they do by the simple things they do and say. In the nursing profession, there have existed countless leaders. Some inspired other people to join the nursing industry. Some inspired other nurses to be passionate about what they do. Some inspired people outside the nursing profession to respect and adore nurses while some even inspired other people to be good at what they do outside the nursing profession. They were all good role models. Florence Nightingale was one such role model. She holds one of the dearest positions of the world’s dearest positions in the least of nurse leaders. That is the reason the world still calls her, “The Lady with the Lamp.”
Historical account of Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale was, is and will continue to be the quintessential nurse figure. She dedicated her time to caring for the needy and distressed and became an advocate for advancing medical conditions for all. In her young life, Nightingale coached other nurses, known as Nightingale Probationers, who then proceeded also to work to create safer, healthier hospitals. In 1894, Nightingale instructed 38 volunteer nurses who served in the Crimean War. These nurses tended to the injured soldiers and sent reports back regarding the state of the troops.…

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