Essay on Flood - Creative Writing

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Another night of that bloody rain again. God I hate winter. Lying in my bed, the pound of each raindrop as it is thrown from the heavens onto my roof rings in my ears. The gusts of wind freeze the hairs on my neck straight. Snuggling down into my bed, I feel a warm, almost happy sensation as my blankets form a protective cocoon around me, saving me from the terrible monster brewing outside my window.
My eyelids attempt to glue themselves shut as I feel relaxation consume my sore old body. It all seems so majestic now. The pounding from the torrents of water become an echo to the beat of my heart as I fall into a deep and peaceful slumber.
Dreams begin to fool my mind’s sense of reality, bringing him back to life in my mind’s fantasies.
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I quickly regain my stance as I stare deep into the blackness, head down on my hands and knees.
My eyes flick upwards as I see my album being dragged into the depths of the water, as it prepares to sweep it away forever. Diving for the album, heart racing as I try to recover this treasure. The pages slop open and tear as the water drains its strength away. My vision blurs with tears as I try to compose myself. The ruined pictures of memories dissolve into a running

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