Flat Cargo Berhad 2014 Essay

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Asian Journal of Case Research 4(S): 15 – 25 (2011)

Flat Cargo Berhad: An Auditor’s Conundrum

Flat Cargo Berhad (FCB) was one of the largest air freight companies in Malaysia, servicing several government linked companies including Freight Malaysia Berhad, and had Kencana & Associates served as its auditors. In 2006, during a routine financial audit, the auditors identified several suspicious findings that resulted in a delay in finalising the auditor’s report. The case presented an auditor’s dilemma involving the possibility of fraud in a financial audit engagement. Keywords: fraud, auditors, professional scepticism

It was 5 February 2006
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FCB’s wholly owned subsidiaries included FC Spare Sdn Bhd, Cargo Management Sdn Bhd, FCB (SPV), Cargo Air Services Sdn Bhd and FC Air Ltd. The company’s head office was located in Selangor. FCB started operations in 1997 with two aircrafts: a Boeing 737-200F and a Cessna Grand Caravan. FCB’s maiden flight in November 1997 had been an overnight air express transport service for Freight Malaysia Berhad to Singapore. Flat Cargo Group obtained listing in Bursa Malaysia1 on 15 September 2001. FCB’s major shareholder in 1997 had been Bangor Berhad, which was part of a diversified international family owned conglomerate, the Miri Group. The Miri Group had a China based company called Miri Logistics Ltd which owned logistic businesses extensively in the Asian region. In 2004, the Miri Group2 bought a controlling interest of 55.2 million shares or 26.5% of FCB from the founders, Lim Loon Sim and Ali Bin Ahmad, via an off market deal. The fast growing intra-Asian air express market fuelled FCB’s expansion plans between 2001 to 2004. With the extensive growth in e-business activities, the demand for express transportation services increased. FCB aimed to maintain their niche position in the Asia Pacific region by delivering best quality customer service and satisfying customer demands. The corporate structure of FCB is seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Flat Cargo Group Berhad’s corporate

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