Essay about Flannery O ' Conner 's `` A Good Man 's Hard For Find ``

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In Flannery O’Conner’s, “A Good Man’s Hard to Find”, contains a quote at the end of the story that may make readers rethink their opinion on the misfit and the grandmother in the story. The Misfit states “She would have been a good woman, if someone was there to shoot her every day of her life”. So what does the Misfit really mean by this comment? Well you have to look at several different variables, one being what kind of person the misfit is, two what kind of person the grandmother is, and lastly what the Misfit’s true intent was for his comment towards the grandmother.
The story starts of in the setting of the family’s home in which they are discussing where they are going to go for their road trip. The grandmother wants to go to Tennessee however the rest of the family want to go to Florida. The grandmother then points out an article about the Misfit that states that an escaped convict is on their way to Florida and also adds that the children have already been to Florida. The children then make a remark that the grandmother should just stay home then. However, the grandmother still decides to go. On the day of the trip the whole family got into the car and headed off to Florida. At this point the only characters that have been introduced are the members of the family, the Grandmother, Baily, Baily’s wife, John Wesley, and June Star.
The grandmother, the mother of Baily in the story, is not given a name and is only referred to as the grandmother. Baily is the son of the…

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