Misfit Analysis

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He said that when he was sent there, he forgot what he had done the grandmother said maybe it was a mistake that they sent him to the prison, he replied to her saying it was no mistake because they “had the papers on me” (26). When both men came back to the woods Bobby Lee was carrying Baileys shirt he tossed it the misfit and he put it on. The mother began to panic and breath hard the misfit seeing this asked the mother if her and her daughter would like to “step off yonder with Bobby Lee and Hiram and join your husband?” (27). The mother agreed to go the misfit told Bobby Lee to hold the little girl’s hand as they go the girl said she did not want to hold hands with him because he “reminded her of a pig” (27) Bobby Lee laughed and caught her by the arm and took her back to the woods with her mother to “join” Bailey and John Wesley.
At this very moment the misfit does not change it takes sometime for him to change his opinion. At one point in the story he said that there is no pleasure in life other than causing trouble but towards the end it seems that after his conversation with the grandmother he changes his opinion and
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Bobby Lee then said that it was fun; the misfit replied to Bobby Lee saying, “shut up, Bobby Lee,” the misfit said, its no real pleasure in life. I feel that only two characters changed throughout this story, which were the grandmother and the misfit. I feel that the other characters of the story; not only did not have much time to change, but after the car accident they were not able to have a life changing moment like the misfit and the grandmother. Now out of these two main characters of the story, I feel that the misfit changed more than the grandmother. Throughout this story she was mainly begging for her life and we were not told if she was having any types of thoughts that would give us information on any said

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