Fixing The Epidemic Of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Essay

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Fixing a Problem: AIDS

The book Nine Hills to Nambonkaha covers a number of different elements that are present in Africa. It teaches the reader of what life is like in Ivory Coast; it portrays a picture far different than what we are used to as Americans. The book speaks of a resilient village called Nambonkaha; things are good in Nambonkaha, but certainly not perfect. The village is without, and therefore seeks, electricity and other basic commodities that we take for granted in the Unites States of America. One of the biggest problems that those in Ivory Coast face, and all of Africa face, is the epidemic of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS. AIDS is very prevalent throughout all of Africa. It is a massive problem that affects millions in the entire continent. The continent, as a whole, makes up less than 20% of the entire planet’s population, but it makes up over 60% of the planet’s AIDS cases. In addition to these statistics, it also results in nearly 70% of the world’s deaths from AIDS. This is an enormous problem that has been affecting far too many Africans for several decades. It is, too, growing much worse. Africa is seeing skyrocketing rates of AIDS cases throughout their continent. AIDS can be caused in several different ways, but all of these have to do with sexual interaction. It can be spread through any form of sex, whether it be anal, oral, or vaginal, when one of the partners already has the disease. This is where Africa has its biggest…

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