Essay on Five Functions of Mangement

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The Five Functions of Management
MGT330: Management for Organizations

Management function is an integral part of any organization. This paper will describe each of the five functions as they pertain to my past work experiences. Management discipline consists of five specific functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling Reilly, M., Minnick, C., & Baack, D. (2011). I was in the Navy for 20 years and have had a lot of experiences with different types of management, some good and some bad. The first function I will describe is planning. Planning is a systematic process in which managers make decisions about future activities and the key goals that the organization intends to pursue Reilly, M., Minnick, C.,
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That means they had to take all of the old content and totally rewrite each PowerPoint presentation, test questions and change the flow of the information. This was a pain-staking task because we taught a medical course so the content did not change that much but the flow of information changed drastically. This was extremely hard to get used to and was met with great resistance on a few occasions. For instance one of the subjects was musculoskeletal. In the past we would teach everything there is to know about the musculoskeletal system from the anatomy and physiology to the medical diagnosis and treatment all in one block. Now we had to organize a way to teach the subject in three different section spread out over the course of a nine-month period, and did I mention that we had over 20 subjects to teach. So we were teaching the old curriculum as well as writing the new curriculum. This took a great deal of organizing and planning to accomplish. After an organization's structural design is in place, it needs people with the right skills, knowledge, and abilities to fill in that structure. People are an organization's most important resource, because people either create or undermine an organization's reputation for quality in both products and service. Carabelli, (2014). To complete this enormous task of changing an entire

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