Five Elements of Reading Essay

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Five Elements of Reading: Scaffolding from Phonics and Phonemic Awareness
Justine Leigh Saavedra
Grand Canyon University: EDU 470
June 2012

Five Elements of Reading
|Phonemic Awareness |Phonics |Fluency |Vocabulary |Comprehension |
|Phonemic awareness is the |Phonics is defined as the |Fluency is the ability to read |Vocabulary is the understanding|Comprehension refers to |
|“ability to notice, think |relationship between letters and |text with ease and flow. The |of the meanings of words in |understanding what one is
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Explain to the|students engaged. |reading is so we can understand |
|sounds not letters in the |and what sound it makes. |students that you sometimes need |Pick a short story to read to |information and what is happening|
|words, first as group then |Next tell students that you will |to read things more than once to |the students which relates the |in a selection. Explain that |
|individually, model this |say 3 words with this letter: top, |read it correctly, with |students in your class and |there are two types of questions;|
|first. |tan, tin. Repeat the sound of /t/. |expression and smoothly. We need |includes a few new words. |1 which helps us locate |
|Next give students two sounds|Ask students to say the words with |to practice this as though we |Tell students we are going to |information or facts and 2 one |
|and ask them what word they |you, and then write the words on |were talking or telling the story|read story which has some new |which asks us to think about what|
|make. |the board and underline the t. |to someone else. I have picked: |words (no more than 5), you may|is happening and why. |
|Ask students to form this |Next write a sentence on the board,|insert whatever story: and |have heard these words before |Select a complimentary content |
|word on their magnetic |tell the

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