First Time Car Buyers : Sales Tactics And The Dynamics Of Human Nature

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First Time Car Buyers: Six Ways To Feel Like A Seasoned Pro When You Hit The Lot

Being ready to buy a new car means knowing about more than just the MPGs and MSRPs: You have to prepare for the actual exchange between yourself and the dealership. Sales tactics and the dynamics of human nature also factor largely into the equation, but figuring that out is tough when you 're a first-timer. Here are six ways to present yourself like a complete pro:

1. Think Relationship Building

You don 't walk into a major retailer expecting to make friends with your cashier in the checkout lane, but buying a car is whole different story. While you may not end up as BFFs, buying a car should be the start of a relationship that will last for about as long as you own the vehicle, longer if you 're really satisfied and want to continue buying at that dealership.

To forge such a relationship, you need to feel like you 're on equal terms with everyone you deal with. This is accomplished through open exchanges and honest bantering, following which, you should be on equal ground. If you don 't get the feeling you can build a long-term relationship with the people at a dealership, you might be at the wrong one. Since buying a car means buying into the dealership, too, this relationship is too important to settle.

2. Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk

Bring paperwork with you containing the facts and figures that represent the vehicles you 're interested in. Knowing you know the base prices…

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