First Three Minute Of The Tv Serial, The Killing Essay

1303 Words Oct 30th, 2015 null Page
In this essay, I will analyse the first three minute of the TV serial, The Killing. The serial is an american crime drama based on a danish TV series. The genre, while being comun, has a unique flavor in its making as the first two seasons are centered around one case. The crime based drama genre can be depicted in the was the serial was filmed and edited. Through Camera work, editing, and sound, The Killing suggest how the genre isn’t only a theme but also a visual and immersive aspect. The first shot is a long, establishing shot of a small lake. The sky shows a very stormy day. The shot has a slight dolly effect going away from the shot. The sound would be very nature: the wind, frogs, crickets. But also there is a fare away tingling sound. The shot changes to an extreme low viewpoint of a womans’ feet jogging on a trail in a forest. The camera has a crabing movement, with a shallow focus graduating from focused in the background to being focused on the woman 's’ legs as they pass by the camera. The sound in this shot remains to same expecting the tingling sound disappeared, replaced by the sound of the woman 's steps on the ground. However, the nature soundtrack changes when she passes by the camera as the wind sound transformed to a made sound. close enough to the wind, but the view will hear it as a sign of apprehension, almost giving chills. The next shot is a wide shot of the woman jogging down a bridge. The camera shows her from behind, following her a a shaking…

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