First Fastest Growing Industry Worldwide Essay example

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In 2013, 3D printing was deemed the 6th fastest growing industry worldwide and are incredible inventions which can massively benefit society and communities such as creating 3D bones to make up for injury’s that could otherwise impair someone. However it is a double edged sword, there are also many complications and hindrances in which the 3D printers could be used to bring down society. Year by year they are getting cheaper and easier to buy, and if it becomes easy enough for the average working class man to buy he could create his own parts for everything and anything he’s ever wanted, what could that mean for stores and manufactures around the globe?
Hi A study done by Michigan Technological University ( )discovered that about 20 items that people regularly buy could cost $1.284 in general at a store, which thanks to the invention of the 3D printer could easily be printed for the cost of $18 for the materials. However that does not include the cost of the printer itself which costs about $350 for a cheap one. This loss of income for manufacturing companies could impair their profit and cause a crash in the economic system if nobody buys what stores gain their income from. Not only that, but in time these manufacturing companies would not have to deal with the draw backs of human workers such as hiring, vacations pay, accidents, and other human imperfections after they purchase…

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