First Aid Instructor Essay

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SI James Barr
Level 3 award in Education and Training
Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria
Group A
1. Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.
1.1. Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.
The main role of the teacher is to be able to engage all of their students in such a way as to inspire them to want to learn. Being able to teach effectively is not about knowing the subject matter, but by being able to deliver that subject matter in such a way that students will learn and retain what is being taught.
The delivery of the information needs to be pitched at the correct level for the student audience that is being taught. To be able to evaluate how well this is
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1.3 Explain ways to promote equality and value diversity
If equality and diversity are to be promoted, then it needs to be understood. Equality, even now for a lot of people means that we are striving for everybody to be the same or to have the same opportunities. Equality underpinned now with legislation is about people being different but having equal rights.
Diversity is about recognising the differences and then valuing and respecting those differences in everybody.
How do we then promote Equality and Diversity in the ACF? There are very few limitations imposed on the joining criteria for the ACF, which openly welcomes and encourages participation from all areas of the local community.
To help the Cadets start to understand and accept diversity and accept certain minorities into the detachments, an interest lesson was run on the role of the Empire and Commonwealth Troops during conflicts over the last 200 years, but in particular to the key roles played by minority racial and religious groups such as Muslim, Hindu and Sikh troops from India, Ghurkhas, African, West Indian, Canadian, South Pacific, Polish and Australasian

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