Finding The Right Show Pig Essay example

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Finding the right show pig. Before May 1st you must have bought and the pig must be on your property by that date. Which one people may ask, Barrow or Gilt? It all depends types of person and their passion with the pig. Barrow are pigs that have been castrated and have no hormones like the gilts pigs do. Barrow pig have a tendency to have better performance all the way around and in the show ring. People do not always want barrow as they can’t not be used for anything such as only slaughter after the fair, and the gilts can also be kept on the farm to be bred. The decision becomes on Market or Breeding stock? Market pigs will be allowed to sell after the fair and breeding stock will not. Breeding stock will usually be born around November and December prior the year of the fair and Market pigs will be born in the year as the fair.
Facilities of the pig is a huge factor of the pig. The pig must be in a decent size pen that’s on cement. The best performance is keep the pig on cement with six-twelve inches of sand. The pig build muscle and tissue while walking on the sand and keeping the pig from getting stiff from being on cement flooring. Show pigs are majority kept indoors with control temperatures to make the pig succeed. The show pig are in individual pens and feed strict diet and automatic water. From the day you get the pig in till the pig’s reaches around 100 pounds can be on automatic feeders. Once the pig reaches around 100 pounds the pig starts to get fat and…

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