Essay on Finding Out Your Child Has A Learning Disability

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Finding out your child has a learning disability can be a very tough thing to handle. But having a learning disability is very common in children ages three to twenty one. A LD or Learning disability is a neurological condition that affects the affects the brain depending on which disorder you have. Over two million children have a learning disability and the most common is dyslexia. Dyslexia is a condition that alters the way the brain measures reading comprehension, writing, spelling, and even speaking. Many know this as the reading disorder because it commonly used to describe someone who has difficulty reading. This is because of a complication with sounds and how they express letters and words. Sometimes pronouncing just one word can be difficult. In addition to having trouble reading people diagnosed with dyslexia also struggle with remembering what they read and understanding it .Dyslexia does not stop a child or anyone from learning or being successful. They will potentially need extra support, guidance and sometimes time. There are many adequate strategies and teaching skills that can help with dyslexia. There is a list of famous and successful individuals who have dyslexia for instants, Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi Goldberg is a talk show host, actress, and even a comedian but she didn’t give up. Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow is the former NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos. And even Tommy Hilfiger himself, Tommy Hilfiger is a fashion designer and also the president and…

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