Financial Analysis of Starbucks Corporation Essay

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Starbucks Corporation Company Analysis by Sara Ciolli Gordon

Individual Project: Starbucks Corporation Company Analysis by Sara Ciolli Gordon

I. Company Description II. Core Competencies of the Starbucks Corporation III. Description of Starbucks Corporation’s Key Management Team IV. Financial Analysis of Balance Sheet and Income Sheet of Starbucks Corporation V. Analysis of Financing Philosophy and Current Financial Situation VI. Analysis of the Economic Influence and Current Industry Status VII. Recommendations for Corporate Improvement

Starbucks Corporation Company Analysis

Company Description

Starbucks began in 1971 with a single store location in
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The price of coffee continues to increase and Starbucks will implement price increases on more labor-intensive beverages and they may raise the price on consumer packaged goods. In 2009 Starbucks had strategic price increases and they were met with very little consumer resistance. Traffic trend continues to improve.

Recommendations for Corporate Improvement

I think that Starbucks is doing an extremely good job because continues to improve and make improvements in each and every community that they are located. Starbucks offers excellent benefits for its employees both part time and full time. Starbucks is based on three commitments: sourcing our coffee ethically, acting as good stewards of the environment, and being actively

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